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Fewer compensations in the golf swing leads to better shots and more consistent results. The fewer compensations a player has, the less they have to rely on “timing” the shot with the hands through impact, which gives them more control over the golf ball and ultimately, lower scores. My job is to look at a players swing, understand their ball flight and ask the question “why did that happen” until I reach the root cause of the problem, which, if addressed, leads to permanent changes and more consistent golf. Finding the root cause and working on things in the correct order allows the player to get things for “free”; faults in the swing that are effects rather than causes clear up when the root cause is addressed.


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Lessons available on all areas of the game, including:


• Full swing

• Pitching

• Chipping

• Bunker shots

• Putting

• Trouble shots

• Course management


Lessons are held on the practise ground and on the course at Helsby Golf Club, Cheshire. Click here for more information about our practice facilities.


All lessons include video analysis and use of the GC2 Smart Camera System (where appropriate). Putting lessons include use of the TOMI Putting System. All lessons include the video of your swing/putting stroke and a GC2/TOMI session report (if applicable), these will be e-mailed through within 48 hours of the lesson. Click the following link for more information on the technology we use.